Kitchen Cops - Roaches in a Dairy Queen and hot water issues at a local jail

Your weekly Kitchen Cops report for December 7th, 2018

Kitchen Cops - Roaches in a Dairy Queen and hot water issues at a local jail

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - It’s been a very busy week for the Kitchen Cops across the Tennessee Valley.

We’ll start in Russellville, where the Franklin County jail was written up for several serious violations. Sinks and bathrooms didn’t have hot water, toilet paper or soap. The hot water issues were also a problem at the dishwasher. It couldn’t get hot enough to sanitize anything inside. There was also a dirty can opener, and food thermometer that was almost 20 degrees off. The jail didn’t get an official score in the inspection. We’ve reached out to the health department for more information on that.

Also in Russellville, the J&L Convenience store on Highway 24 had the lowest score of the week with a 74. The inspectors found old busted pipes being stored in the kitchen, a cooler that wasn’t cooling anything and food in the kitchen past it’s expiration date.

Moving east to Limestone County, the K&S Deli in Elkmont, Casa Blanca and Dairy Queen in Athens all tied with the lowest score in that county with an 85. The K&S had several foods at the wrong temperature, Casa Blanca was written up when an employee was seen dumping a mop bucket in the parking lot and the Dairy Queen lost points for roaches in the Kitchen.

In Morgan County, 87 was the low score for three businesses. The The Taqueria Acapulco in Decatur lost points when inspectors couldn’t find dates on some foods. J&L Deli on Danville road in Hartselle was hit for missing paperwork and a dirty can opener, and McDonalds on 6th Avenue SE had a damaged fry basket, which can leave metal pieces in your food.

Kitchen Cops - Roaches in a Dairy Queen and hot water issues at a local jail

In Madison County, a trio of trouble in Huntsville. The Rice Box off University Drive has the lowest score of the week with an 81. Managers there had to adjust the temperature on several sushi bar items. Commerce Kitchen on Franklin Street gets an 82 due to a dirty ice machine and can opener, and loose wires on fry baskets, and the Meteor Buffet gets and 82 thanks to dirty tea nozzles and waste water getting on crabs in the freezer. All the issues at these restaurants were fixed on a followup inspection.

Here are our top performers of the week:

100 - Ez Greazy, Hwy. 53, Huntsville

100 - Peppered Pig (Madison Co. based food truck)

99 - Lawler’s BBQ, Hughes Rd., Madison

98 - Nash’s BBQ, CR 439, Hillsboro

98 - Hometown Pizza, Hwy. 72, Cherokee

98 - Wayne’s Catfish Heaven, Hwy. 43, Russellville

98 - Brix and Embers (Morgan Co. based food truck)

96 - Freight House, Railroad St., Hartselle

95 - Catfish Cabin, Hwy. 72, Athens

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