Fyffe Red Devils travel to Auburn for 2A state football championship

Fyffe Red Devils travel to Auburn for 2A state football championship

FYFFE, AL (WAFF) - An entire community gathered Thursday morning at Fyffe High School in DeKalb County.

They were there to wish the Red Devils team the best as they headed to Auburn to compete for the 2A football state championship.

So who is the best Red Devils' fan?

Fyffe came up a little short last year so this group of fans they want to see a win this year.

The Fyffe Red Devils headed out with a police escort to Auburn Thursday morning.

But who is the biggest Red Devils fan? Is it Jacob Mitchell?

“We’re the Fyffe Red Devils. We’re going to win though. We’re going to win,” said Mitchell.

Or could it be Zach Murdock who doesn't miss games?

“I go to all the basketball games and all of the football games. I haven’t missed a football game all year,” said Murdock.

Or does age help Paul Long prove he's the biggest fan?

“Oh my whole life. I went to school here, played here, graduated from here,” said Long.

Some might say everyone who braved the freezing temperatures to support the team for the Red Devil walk Thursday morning are the biggest fans.

The team made their way to the chartered buses for their trip to take on Luverne on Friday.

The team lost in the playoffs last year so they may have a chip on their shoulder.

“I don’t think anybody expected we would be this far maybe, except the players, and they want to prove everybody wrong,” said Long.

Everybody here is excited to have gotten this far but how do they feel about their chances in playing a team who has made it just as far as the Red Devils have?

“I think we’ve got a good chance but Luverne is a good team. It’s going to be a good game,” said Murdock.

Long said, “I’m going to say 35-14, Fyffe.”

The game is set for Friday at 3 p.m.

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