Free historic home moved from Guntersville to Huntsville

Free historic home moved from Guntersville to Huntsville

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A historic home in Guntersville is finding a new resting place in Huntsville.

A Guntersville church gave him a great deal so they could clear the property.

It’s a deal not everyone was willing to take.

You would think if you’re giving something away it would go very quickly but after nearly three years the church finally got a taker.

“Exciting. It’s been a long process,” said the Rev. Joel Samuels of Guntersville First Baptist Church.

Rev. Samuels is happy finally someone took the First Baptist Church’s offer. The home on the church’s property began the process of moving from Guntersville to it’s new site in Huntsville on Thursday.

Three years ago the church wanted the home gone to make way for future church expansions. So they made the public a great deal.

“If anybody wanted the home they could take the home. It was free. We were not charging anything for the home,” said Samuels.

Many came and looked but felt the cost would be too much to move. The other option was to demolish it, but this home was known as the Willis-Smith home.

“We just didn’t want to tear the house down. It’s a landmark. It’s a historic landmark,” said Samuels.

Finally a man came and decided if you removed the first and second floors of the structure you could move it cost efficiently.

So after three years, this story has a happy ending.

“So finally one guy finally did and we’re thankful,” said Samuels.

Now that the home is finally being cleared the church officials say in the next couple of weeks they will finally begin the process of determining what they will be doing with the property.

The upper floor of the home is expected to be removed in the next two weeks.

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