Christmas tree farmer on how to pick the perfect tree

Christmas tree farmer on how to pick the perfect tree

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Christmas Tree farmers in Huntsville say picking out a Christmas tree is much more than chopping one down.

“This is a tradition, as I tell people. I don’t sell Christmas trees, I sell tradition,” Schwerman Christmas Tree Plantation owner Roger Schwerman said.

His friend, local farm owner of Valley Christmas Tree Plantation, George Brown, says the same thing.

“We sold them a tree, then they brought their kids out, and then the kids brought the kids out, so the grandkids are here now. It’s been a tradition.” GEORGE

Not only is it a family tradition to pick your tree, but it’s also the farm’s tradition to grow them.

“The first experiments or trials was specie trials, on what we can and can’t grow. So we tried 20-30 different species of trees, and these just ended up being the species that we can grow,” Brown said.

Species like the Fraser fir and Douglas fir can’t grow in warm weather like we have here in Alabama. Locally, the Virginia Pine and Leyland Cyprus are the number one sellers.

“Quite a few years ago, all the southern belles like a Leyland Cyprus, and I sold out of the 50 Leyland Cyprus I had that day," Schwerman said.

It all really does go back to tradition.

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