Tips to keep your family safe when having a live Christmas tree

Tips to keep your family safe when having a live Christmas tree

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A home in Cullman County is destroyed after a Christmas tree caught fire inside the home.

An Albertville Christmas tree farmer for some tips on keeping your tree safe.

This weekend will be the last weekend they’ll be selling trees here at Frazier Christmas tree farm and there things that you need to do to help keep you and your family safe.

For several years, Ben Frazier has been selling Christmas trees to the public and gets as much enjoyment out of making families happy with their tree as they do.

But properly caring for your tree is key to having a safe tree.

Frazier says trees contain 50 percent water so you want to make sure they don’t dry out.

He says you need to cut off the bottom inch when you get it home and make sure you have a quart of water in the stand for every inch in diameter of the base.

He says you also need to use extension cords to the tree that are short and heavier gauge such as 14 or 16.

And don't forget the lights because not all lights are the same or safe.

“You want to use led lights because they put off a lot less heat than an incandescent light and the smaller the light the better off you’ll be. Inspect your lights and your extension cords, of course, to make sure there are not any cracks in them or shortages,” said Ben Frazier, Frazier Christmas Tree Farm owner.

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