Maryland high school football players charged with rape as adults in alleged broomstick hazing

Maryland high school players charged with rape as adults in alleged broomstick hazing

(WJLA/CNN) - Four high school football players in Maryland, accused of sodomizing teammates in a locker room with a broomstick, will be charged as adults.

Three weeks ago, to the day, four Damascus High School JV football players were sexually assaulted with a broomstick.

The attack described by Montgomery County Public School leaders as "hazing" happened in a school locker room.

Police initially charged five fellow teammates as juveniles.

But, four of the five accused teens were bumped up to adult court.

The players, all 15-years-old, were identified as: J-C Abedi, Kristian Lee, Will Smith and Caleb Thorpe.

Sources say Abedi attended Clarksburg High School last year, but transferred to Damascus this school year due to “poor conduct.”

“They had total control of what they were doing. They knew what they were doing. It wasn’t just like a stupid kid thing, they knew what they were doing, so I feel like they should be properly charged,” said Kylie Sumner, a Damascus High School sophomore.

The four players have been booked at the Montgomery County Jail in Rockville.

Their bond review is set for Monday, which means they’ll be spending Thanksgiving weekend locked up.

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