Rain and roads: Recent weather may be slowing north Alabama road work

Recent weather may be slowing north Alabama road work

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A rainy November may be putting the brakes on some road work around the Valley, inconveniencing holiday shoppers and their plans.

Madison’s maintenance chief, Mark Gentle, said rainy and cold conditions make it harder for work crews to apply asphalt. This slows their work, and by extension, the traffic.

He said temperatures under 45 degrees prevents his team from being able to keep asphalt at the temperature needed for use.

He added rain also undermines their efforts.

"The base, that goes underneath the asphalt, if it's real wet, it won't compact. You have to let it be dry," he said.

WAFF 48′s chief meteorologist, Brad Travis, said there has been measurable rainfall in north Alabama for 13 of the 19 days in November.

He said rainfall in the area is more than two inches above average for the area.

"We've certainly had more rain that we usually get this time of year, although it's not surprising to get five inches of rain," he said.

Travis said there could be more rain Friday and possibly storms into December.

Gentle said the weather has slowed his crews in their routine road work, but they use the rainy days to identify road problems around the city.

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