MS bus crash victim talks about ‘scary’ experience, hires attorney to explore legal options

MS bus crash victim talks about the experience, hires attorney to explore legal options

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Veronica Love says she has taken several trips to Tunica in the past, but not like the one on Wednesday.

Love was sitting next to a window on the left side of the bus that landed on the pavement when it overturned. Moments before the crash she says she was talking with a lady sitting next to her about how foggy the window was. The next thing she knew the bus started spinning, several times, before it hit a rail and flipped over.

“I’m watching the bus spin, so I’m sitting there like, it’s scary. You sitting there. You know you going to crash and there’s nothing you can do about it. You just there," said Love.

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Love says she was trapped under a group of people for a few minutes, before first responders could get her out.

“I was on my side laying there, I was soaking wet. People was on top of me and folks was screaming. Then the people, these two guys. One was outside the bus and it was a couple of gentleman on the bus that started helping getting people out the bus, pulling them through the rough. They was great, they did a great job getting people off that bus,” added Love.

With her arm in a sling, Love says she isn’t able to move around very well or even report to her her job as a caregiver.

“I’m left-handed, so I can’t use my left hand to assist other people. I can’t even assist myself right now," she said.

Veronica has hired attorney Will League to help her explore her legal options and the unexpected financial burden she now faces, with medical bills and being out of work.

League, who is representing several other victims from the bus, says his top priority is making sure Love and other victims are able to get their lives back on track.

“You still got your light bill, your power bill. All those things are coming. And it puts people in a significant lurch. That’s just even outside the physical and emotional injuries that my clients have sustained,” said League.

Love says she doesn’t plan on riding a bus any time soon. The crash traumatized her so severely, she asked her daughter to bring her home to Huntsville, rather than waiting on a bus to pick her up.

“I’ve still got a lot of pain, but I’m really blessed to be alive," added Love.

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