State seeking to permanently close leaking Marshall County garbage dump

State seeking to permanently close leaking Marshall County garbage dump

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Property owners in Marshall County say they’re dealing with a stinky problem: an old landfill that was never properly shut down.

So the Alabama Attorney General, and the Department of environmental Management, filed suit asking the owner to cover it up.

It’s the old Bishop Landfill just outside of Guntersville on Old Oneonta Cutoff Road.

Bishop's landfill closed more than ten years ago. Residents have been asking and now the state want the landfill covered properly.

“It’s not ever been closed. People having to live with the smell,” said Marshall County Commissioner David Kelley.

According to the suit filed, ADEM officials claim they found discolored and odorous water seeping from several areas across the landfill.

“I do know water runs downhill. It runs off Sand Mountain. It runs in Guntersville Lake and there’s a lot of cities that get their drinking water from Guntersville Lake,” said Kelley.

Properly closing the facility could run into the hundreds or millions of dollars. The state has filed against the current property owner who says there's never been any garbage put into the facility while he's owned it.

“I am just so so sorry but like I said, I ain’t got the money. I don’t think the state’s got the money,” said landfill property owner Tommy Gamble.

Gamble also maintains he’s not responsible because a court already determined the issue around ten years ago with the original owner.

“There’s a judgement on file down there at the county right now, a court order ordering him to close out the landfill,” said Gamble.

Right now no hearing date has been set.

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