Redstone Arsenal’s Wellness Center gets big face-lift

Redstone Arsenal’s Wellness Center gets big face-lift

REDSTONE ARSENAL, AL (WAFF) - A newly upgraded wellness center on Redstone Arsenal is providing state of the art health and fitness testing.

Fox Army Health Center’s Wellness Clinic is about to celebrate not only a new name, but a significant overhaul, expanding health and wellness offerings for active duty Soldiers, family members, retirees, and Department of the Army/Department of Defense civilians.

The Center for Comprehensive Wellness will not only incorporate existing Fox programs, such as tobacco cessation and diabetes education, but use new science-based technology and the expertise of nurse educators, who are American College of Sports Medicine Certified personal trainers.

Metabolic, fitness and body composition assessments will be offered for the first time using a variety of methods.

Metabolic testing will allow individuals to better understand their recommended daily calorie intake and activity level.

Fitness testing, conducted via treadmill or exercise bike, will measure cardio-respiratory fitness and endurance.

Nicole Sarabia, RN Nurse Educator, explained: "It will print out the different heart rate zones for training purposes. So some of our athletes and active duty might have that extremely helpful to have that testing done."

BOD POD technology will measure an individual’s ratio of body fat and fat free mass to better understand their weight control and metabolism.

“It measures your full body composition- how much is lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, body water weight. It gives you the whole composition of how you’re distributed,” Sarabia said.

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A relaxation chair and computerized stress relief system, emWave, will help individuals with stress management.

The massage chair does zero gravity. There’s a sensor you put on your earlobe that gives you feedback and monitors your heart rate to tell you how relaxed you are.

Nurse educators will not only discuss assessment results with individuals, but offer recommendations and goals to implement. Users will come back and do a follow-up six months later to see what improvements they have made.

A grand opening ceremony for the Center for Comprehensive Wellness is scheduled for Friday morning at Fox Army Health Center.

They'll start seeing patients next week.

“We hope that when people get these results, they can take those results and be better equipped to go and create a more individualized exercise plan, or see a dietitian for a more guided plan to reach their goals of weight loss or stress reduction,” Sarabia added.

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