How much does Thanksgiving dinner cost in the Tennessee Valley?

How much does Thanksgiving dinner cost in the Tennessee Valley?

(WAFF) - Thanksgiving is next Thursday. We wanted to know how much it will cost to feed an average family on turkey day.

Every year the American Farm Bureau Federation conducts a nationwide study to find out how much is cost to feed a family of 10. Last year they said it was a five-year low, with a total of $49.12.

We found Jeannette Smith at Star Super Market in Huntsville. She’s getting everything she’ll need for her Thanksgiving dinner.

“I’m going to have potato salad, dressing, turkey, green beans, rolls, that sort of thing,” said Jeannette Smith.

Can she get everything on her list for less than $50? After checking out the turkeys she thinks she’s on the right track.

“The turkeys here today, the Foodland ones are really at a great price and I got almost a 13 pounds for 10 bucks,” said Smith.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says the average turkey last year cost more than $22, so she’s off to a great start. Jeannette also saves money because of the brand of green beans she chooses.

“All the green beans are pretty much the same. Most people think well I’ve always bought Del Monte, this is what I want, but a lot of times if you have to go cheaper, it’s the same and cranberry sauce was even cheaper this year,” said Smith.

Not every shopper thinks saving money is the best route when it comes to Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving is only once a year, don’t skimp. Buy the best, buy the best quality, best quality meats, best quality green beans, or whatever you’re serving, buy the best,” said James Childress.

The American Farm Bureau Federation will announce this year’s average price for thanksgiving dinner Thursday, Nov. 15. The numbers can be off based on the brands you buy, where you shop, and don’t forget about coupons.

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