Huntsville schools compete in electric car races

Huntsville schools compete in electric car races
(Source: Huntsville City Schools)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) -Forty-four teams from not only Huntsville but across the Southeast were on hand to compete in the Toyota Classic Greenpower F24 Races today on the campus of Jemison / McNair.

The event featured two middle school heats and one high school heat.

Greenpower is a STEM based initiative that engages students by using these skills to design, build, and race an electric car. Each team is given a strict set of guidelines and are required to use the same standard motor and batteries in the vehicle.

Huntsville City Schools currently has over two dozen schools that have Greenpower programs, with race tracks at Jemison/McNair, Whitesburg, and Grissom campuses.

Greenpower USA, based in Huntsville, started in 2014 to expand STEM related education to students, and now has programs in several states.

The Greenpower Initiative began in the United Kingdom in 1999, with programs in not only the U.S., but South Africa, China, and Poland.

Toyota has donated $20,000 to Huntsville City Schools for support of Greenpower races over the last two years. The company has also donated over $30,000 to the Greenpower Foundation which helped to create new programs throughout the state while also providing additional resources to existing teams for racing.

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