Alabama A&M students file federal lawsuit over voting rights

Claims voting rights denied

Alabama A&M students file federal lawsuit over voting rights

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Four Alabama A&M students filed a federal lawsuit claiming their voting rights were denied when their voter registration wasn’t processed in time for Tuesday’s election.

The lawsuit filed by Jordon Jackson, Kendra Jones, Terry Matthews III and Simeon Sykes says that all four students registered to vote ahead of the October 22nd voter registration deadline. The lawsuit goes on to say that when those students tried to cast their votes at their polling place on Alabama A&M’s campus they were told they were not registered and had to file provisional ballots. According to the lawsuit the student’s provisional ballots were not counted in the midterm election.

The lawsuit was filed against the Madison County Board of Registrars and it’s President along with Secretary of State John Merrill. The students are seeking to have their votes counted in the 2018′s midterm election.

The lawsuit claims that election officials violated the student’s constitutional rights by not processing their voter registration applications on time. It also says that when the students checked their voter registration status online they were listed as registered voters.

The lawsuit also seeks to have election officials put safeguards in place to make sure voter’s who register prior to deadlines are ensured the right to vote.

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