Small Huntsville business making big splash in aerospace industry

Small Huntsville business making big splash in aerospace industry

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One Huntsville business is making headway in the aerospace industry.

RadioBro is innovating to advance technology in commercial and government businesses. And they’ve they won an award for one of their newest inventions.

This small local business started off with a big jump start.

“We created a small spacecraft that’s about the size of a small loaf of bread, and it was flown to space in 2013. A few months later, we formed RadioBro to really exercise our strengths from that student project, but as a commercial entity building spacecraft parts," said RadioBro’s founder and president, Mark Becnel.

RadioBro handles every aspect of creation, starting with production through delivery and operation.

“We maintain a very strong relationship with any external intellectual property owners, and in general, we develop everything in house. So it’s very easy for us to go to market and solve new problems with our existing solution or even create new solutions,” Becnel said.

And these new solutions work. Recently, RadioBro won a challenge to create repeated radio signal devices for a U.S. special forces unit in Tampa. This device is used inside a cave or over a mountain.

“The user, as they would go into these places, or maybe a robot would go into these places, they would just drop these radio repeater amplifiers along the way, similar to bread crumbs to lead a duck to water. We would do the same thing, but to lead RF signals back to maybe a control station or another operator," Becnel said.

RadioBro states they want to keep contributing to commercial and government entities and continue to innovate, create and repeat.

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