Former patient shares experience with convicted Decatur doctor

Chana Gossett spoke about her experience under the medical care of Dr. Michael Dick.
Chana Gossett spoke about her experience under the medical care of Dr. Michael Dick.(Source: WAFF)
Updated: Oct. 31, 2018 at 6:54 PM CDT
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DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - A Decatur doctor has lost his license after being found guilty of harassing three patients. This happened in municipal court a month ago, but now a fourth woman is speaking out about her treatment under Dr. Michael Dick’s care.

Three local women have filed a civil lawsuit against Dick. Chana Gossett is not involved in the suit but came forward anyway because she said she feels there are others who may be affected too.

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Gossett said she was a patient of Dick’s more than five years ago. She says he was the only rheumatologist she could find in Decatur, and the one she confided in to have her fibromyalgia treated.

“I just didn’t want to be that one that got in him in trouble. I didn’t want to hurt his reputation, I didn’t want to be that one,” said Gossett.

Gossett went to Dick for joint pain and fibromyalgia more than five years ago. She said she felt uncomfortable the very first time she went in there.

“It seemed like I stood there forever and I was like, I mean, I thought it was weird. I thought there was uncomfortable silence, but I have anxiety so I thought, ‘Oh, it’s just you,’” she said.

Gossett went back for treatment a few times until one visit she says she’ll never forget.

“He came towards me and he was smiling and he went in to kiss me, and I turned my face and so he kissed me like right there. And I thought, ‘Oh dear God.’ I don’t remember leaving. I just got up and I just didn’t go back," she said.

She only told her husband and a few friends about this incident.

“What concerned me the most was how much he liked me squirming, how much he enjoyed my uncomfortableness," Gossett said.

Gossett said she didn’t know women had filed a lawsuit for harassment against the doctor until her husband saw it on the news one day.

“It said the three women who testified, and my heart sunk because in my mind I thought they’ll be hundreds, and I felt really bad at that point that I had not done something," she said.

She said she didn’t speak up because she didn’t know who to call or even what to say.

“I felt like he was a doctor and that a lot of people went to him, and I hadn’t heard anything before I went to him,” said Gossett. “I guess I thought he would’ve had that reputation if he had ever done anything before."

At first, Gossett didn’t want to go on camera. But after hearing the other women share their stories, she says she felt she had an obligation.

“No, I have nothing to gain. I just wanted to back those women when I called the station that morning,” she said.

Gossett called after she heard one woman’s story, which she says was identical to her incident.

“I wanted to thank the women because it validated me, that he tried to kiss her," she said.

Dick’s attorney, Bill Hawkins, spoke to WAFF 48 News two weeks ago after the doctor’s license was suspended. He said they planned to appeal the cases and have them heard by a grand jury.

WAFF also reached out to him three times last week and three more times on the day this story aired to get a comment. He did not call back.

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