DeKalb County school resource officers now staffed at all school campuses

DeKalb County to hire two school resource officers to cover all school campuses

RAINSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - DeKalb County will soon have a school resource officer at all of their 13 campuses.

Thursday, officials announced plans to fill the vacancies at the remaining two campuses where there are none.

The school resource officers will come to two final campuses. One of those is at the tech school and the other at Crossville Elementary.

Officials with the DeKalb County school board and the county commission gathered to announce plans to hire two final school resource officers to be paid for jointly by the two bodies.

Besides SRO's, Dr. Jason Barnett says the system is also implementing additional safety measures at the schools.

Dr. Barnett says SRO’s play a vital role in schools as educators to warn children about drug use, as informal counselors, and as law enforcement officers. Dr. Barnett says SRO’s are a great asset but it also takes the work of administrators, teachers, and parents to all help keep the students safe.

“When anybody knows of something that provides a danger to our students we need your support in knowing that. We need your support in contacting us, letting us know, informing us so we can act in the interest of safety for our students,” said DeKalb County school superintendent Dr. Jason Barnett.

Dr. Barnett says they hope to have the two school resource officers in place early next semester.

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