Mother charged with manslaughter instead of murder in Madison toddler shooting hearing

Mother charged with manslaughter instead of murder in Madison toddler shooting hearing
Mother charged with manslaughter instead of murder in Madison toddler shooting hearing
Updated: Oct. 17, 2018 at 6:31 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The mother charged with the tragic death of a Triana toddler is no longer facing murder charges.

After the preliminary hearing Thursday, the murder charge against Aleisha Parker, 30, has been reduced to manslaughter, and the murder charge against her husband has been dismissed.

The parents were originally charged in the shooting death of their son at their home on Tybee Drive in Madison near Triana.

Aleisha Parker's mental health was brought up during testimony by an investigator with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say Bradley told them his wife said in the past she felt like hurting herself, was diagnosed with depression, and had taken Zoloft up until their son was born.

Judge Linda Coats said after listening to testimony from the investigator, the death of the infant appears to be a horrible accident and that a jury should decide what happens next.

During the hearing, the investigator disclosed the details regarding the report from the morning of the shooting.

Including a number of stories that were given to them by the Parkers when they were questioned.

Bradley first said he was woken up by a gunshot from downstairs, went down and saw his wife giving CPR to the baby. He later added that his wife was crying and holding the gun in her hand, which he tried to get away from her. Through further questioning, investigators determined Bradley was trying to get the gun away from her, the two then struggled and the gun went off.

Baradley Parker’s attorney, Jake Watson, says he isn’t surprised by the outcome of today’s hearing, given the testimony.

“She had a firearm and didn’t seem to be doing well mental health wise. And the gun went off and it was an accident. He was actually trying to help make the situation safer," said Watson.

Aleisha’s attorney, Larry Marsili, says he is appreciative of the judge’s decision to reduce the charge to manslaughter and that her bond has been lowered. Especially given the fact she is currently pregnant.

"I mean a high risk pregnancy. Sitting over in the Madison County Jail, for somebody that's not a flight risk.

That has no history of violence, that has no extensive criminal history. We believe her release is warranted in this matter," said Marsili.

Aleisha Parker’s bond is set at 5,000 dollars. She will face a Madison County Grand Jury next.

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