Dozens gather for “March for Justice” in Fayetteville

Dozens rally for "March for Justice"

FAYETTEVILLE, TN (WAFF) - Dozens gathered on Saturday in Fayetteville to rally at the March for Justice.

Leaders of the march say they were rallying because they think there’s been some injustice with the sheriff’s office in Lincoln County.

People from the march say they want answers about an inmate who died in the Lincoln County jail last month.

The Lincoln County Jail reported in September that William Bernard Hawk was trying to escape when there was an altercation and he then became unresponsive.

James Weller and others lead dozens of people on a march through Fayetteville Saturday afternoon.

“We’re here to make a statement, that we’re kind of concerned with things that have been happening in the community. Not just recently, but from in the past also.” said Weller.

Not only did they say they’re concerned with the death of Hawk, but also unsolved murders in the past few years.

The March For Justice went through downtown Fayetteville and ended across from the Lincoln County Jail, where Sheriff Murray Blackwellder met the attendees for questions.

“The TBI Investigates all in-custody deaths and investigates all officer-involved shootings.” said Blackwellder. He says he can’t answer questions regarding Hawk’s death because he doesn’t have the information.

“I’m out of it, that’s why the TBI comes in. That’s the purpose of getting an outside agency to come in and look at this. So, here’s the thing. If they did something wrong, that will be up to the District Attorney and the Grand Jury.” said Blackwellder.

Participants asked several questions to the sheriff, but didn’t get all the answers they wanted.

Hawk’s death is still under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, so no further information has been released as of now.

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