Supply donations needed for Decatur organizations sending hurricane relief

Supplies needed for Decatur organizations sending hurricane relief

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Locals in Decatur are collecting supplies to send south following Hurricane Michael’s landfall.

A local church and a disaster relief warehouse are both in need of food, toiletries, yard tools, bug spray and other supplies.

“Sometime in your life, it hurts and it’s scary and when I think about my kids and I think about our Grant Street family here in this church, I don’t want anybody to suffer that wa. So if there’s anything that we can do to help them through that hard time, to help them where it’s not so hard to get through.” said Cody Michael, outreach director at the Grant Street Church of Christ in Decatur.

Michael started the church’s outreach program a few months ago. Their outreach stretched a little further than expected...

They took two trucks to North Carolina after Hurricane Florence and are now preparing a trailer for the Southeast for Michael.

The United Methodist Disaster Warehouse has also sent trucks down already.

“We have already shipped two 53-footers, tractor-trailer trucks. We’ve got one that’s going to Marianna, Florida. It’s sitting in Birmingham as we talk, waiting for the storm to get past.” said Ray Crump with the United Methodist Disaster Warehouse.

The warehouse is getting ready to send more supplies down as well. Right now, they’re working to prepare hurricane buckets stacked full of necessary supplies for people to clean up their houses after disaster strikes.

“We don’t ask for money. We ask for the supplies. Everyone else goes around with a handout asking for money. Nuh uh, we don’t do that. We ask for supplies," said Crump.

Crump says they’re also cutting tons of wood. This wood is crucial for making sure tarps stay on houses and keep things intact as best as possible.

The United Methodist Disaster Warehouse and the Grant Street Church are still in need of several supplies. Contact Michael at 931-247-9572 or Crump at 256-341-9961.

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