Hurricane Michael evacuees end up in north Alabama

Family says they’ve been told their neighborhood looks unrecognizable

Hurricane Michael evacuees end up in north Alabama

ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - Several people evacuating from the Gulf Coast are coming here to the Tennessee Valley.

Diana White, who’s lived in Panama City for nearly her entire life, left home late Monday night. She and her family arrived in Athens at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.

“Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do at this point,” White says.

White tells WAFF a friend checked on her house yesterday after the storm slowed down a little.

“She almost got lost because it’s so unrecognizable at this point,” White says.

She also says she has no idea when or if she’s going home.

“It looks like a war zone, it doesn’t look good. I’ve never seen Panama City look this bad ever,” she says.

Wynette White, Diana’s mother, has lived in Panama City for the last thirty years. She says she’s at a complete loss of words.

“I’m basically just feeling numb. Numb from not knowing how to feel, other than thankful we’re alive,” Wynette White says.

Both Diana and Wynette say they’ve never seen damage this bad, to the point they say it’s unlivable.

“We can’t go home, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to go home. I mean it’s not really livable conditions, I mean it’s absolutely not livable. There’s no power, no water, there’s no stores, no food, no anything there,” White says.

The White family is just one of the thousands of families who had to evacuate from the coast after Hurricane Michael.

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