Attorney for Guntersville capital murder victims wants families to be heard at Montgomery meeting

Attorney for Guntersville capital murder victims wants families to be heard at Montgomery meeting
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GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Family members want their voices heard at a meeting in Montgomery scheduled for next week regarding a man now facing capital murder charges in Guntersville.

Jimmy O’Neal Spencer faces seven different capital murder charges in the deaths of three people including a young boy. An attorney representing the victim’s family members maintains he should have never been on the street to commit these horrible acts. Attorney Tommy James calls this a total breakdown of the system and says three people are dead who shouldn’t be.

Jimmy Spencer is back in state prison but an attorney for the victims of three people investigators believe were killed by Spencer has lots of questions about why this former parolee ever made it out.

“What happened here in comprehensible. What the families want first is change. What happened to the family members is an example of what happens when there is a flaw in the system,” said attorney Tommy James.

Investigators believe Spencer is responsible for the murders of 65 year old Martha Reliford, 74 year old Marie Kitchens Martin, and her 7 year old great grandson, Colton Ryan Lee whose bodies were found in two homes on Mulberry Street back in July. But it's what happened before the murders that James finds troubling.

“Jimmy Spencer should have never been paroled and once he got out on parole they didn’t supervise him. He committed numerous parole violations and his parole was never revoked,” said James.

James says records show Spencer left a halfway house after just three weeks when he was supposed to stay six months, that he ran into trouble with the law on a couple occasions after that, and even spent time in jail but was never picked up by parole officers. James says he feels he needs to be in that meeting involving the Governor and Attorney General next week.

“I have not yet been invited to the meeting. I have not heard from the Governor or the Attorney General. I would hope to but I have not heard from them yet,” said James.

Spencer is due back in court for a status hearing on Dec. 3.

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