Fridays with Funnymaine: Cupcakes, Coach Pruitt, Petty Longhorns & LSU Wins a Dundie Award

Margo & Trent tackle the heavy topics with Jermaine
Margo & Trent talk with Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson
Margo & Trent talk with Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson
Published: Sep. 28, 2018 at 5:34 AM CDT
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Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson talks with Margo and Trent about cupcake games, Tennessee's coach on the hot seat and the "petty move of the week" from Texas

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - This Saturday, Alabama and Auburn will both be hosting teams they should have absolutely no problem defeating. The Tide are taking on Louisiana-Lafayette and Auburn is welcoming the Golden Eagles of Southern Mississippi to Jordan-Hare.

While it’s possible that anything can happen - remember Appalachian State? - Both of these games are likely to be effectively over by the middle of the second quarter. So, are they worth playing?

According to WAFF 48′s Official-Unofficial college football analyst - absolutely. “Here’s the thing, there’s on off weeks in the SEC.” said Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson. “What a time for these smaller schools to play the big boys, I love these games.”

Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt had a mini-meltdown on the sideline during the Volunteers' loss against Florida last week. But, Jermaine doesn’t think his job is in danger just yet. “I think the people in Knoxville are getting impatient” Johnson told Trent and Margo. “Give coach Pruitt some time to weed out the bad guys in there that don’t want to follow the system and do the right things.” Johnson said this weekend’s game against #2 ranked Georgia is a good opportunity for the Vols to test themselves and make a statement.

In our “Petty Moment of the Week” - The Texas Longhorns made the TCU band feel welcome last Saturday... by giving them seats so high up in the stadium that they could see all the way from Austin back home to Ft. Worth. Check out the pics:

Jermaine says it’s a good thing Texas didn’t pull this move with a SWAC school. “In SWAC-land.. Alabama A&M? State? Grambling? You ask the band to sit up there if you want to, I would love to see the reaction from those band directors”.

We also asked Jermaine about LSU’s recent nod to “The Office” during their half-time performance. Watch our full interview to see which songs Jermaine would like to see the Million Dollar Band play this season.

Jermaine Funnymaine Johnson will be performing at Stand Up Live in Huntsville October 4th & 5th.

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