Bassmasters Elite tournament coming to Scottsboro

Bassmasters Elite tournament coming to Scottsboro

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - A national fishing tournament is coming to the city of Scottsboro. Bassmasters announced Scottsboro would be one of the stops during its Elite Tour next year.

Scottsboro is looking forward to their two new tournaments next year and they’re already getting prepared. Officials say a half-million dollar federal grant is key to bringing two big tournaments next year.

Work is expected to begin in November which will expand the boat ramp from three lanes to eight. Goose Pond general manager Lyle Soseby says they’ll also be expanding parking and making road improvements at Goose Pond.

The Alabama Bass Trail will have their championship tournament at Goose Pond next October but Bassmasters announced they’re moving one of their elite tournament locations from the west coast to Scottsboro June 21 through 24.

“Both those tournaments will be a very good thing for our city, for Scottsboro. Both those tournaments will bring in people from all over the country. It will bring national exposure. Both of the tournaments will be on tv and they’ll be broadcasting across the country on national tv so it’s good exposure,” said Soseby.

The expanded boat ramp is expected to be completed by March.

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