Changes coming to Bryant-Denny Stadium after player/guard collision

Safety concerns rise after LB Dylan Moses collides with a security guard, fence

Changes coming to Bryant-Denny Stadium after player/guard collision
Bryant-Denny Stadium. Source: Josh Gauntt/WBRC

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Changes are coming soon to Bryant-Denny Stadium after Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses collided with a security guard and a fence during the Tide’s football game against Texas A&M on Saturday.

“I was defending the pass, and when I landed, I tripped over the tight end and I took another step and I tried to brace myself before the wall, but the security guard was in between me and the wall. I fell really awkwardly,” said Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses.

There is only a few feet separating the endzone and the fence surrounding the football field. “I’m not going to lie, it hurt bad. It knocked the air out of me so I had to regain my air, but after that I was fine,” Moses added.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban said he’s never noticed just how close the fence is to the field until Moses' play on Saturday, but player safety is always his number one concern. “They’re going to try and do some stuff to the stadium there you know shave that little corner off a little bit and pad it up a little better. It is definitely something we are addressing,” Saban said.

How soon can we see these changes? The University of Alabama released a statement Monday saying they are currently working to address the issue. Alabama hosts Louisiana-Lafayette Saturday at 11 a.m. Central.

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