Volunteers return home after helping in NC

Volunteers return home after helping in NC

(WAFF) - Some volunteers in the Tennessee Valley are back home after spending a week in North Carolina helping people restore their lives following Hurricane Florence.

Eddie Landers and Jim Dunn say volunteers will be needed to travel to the Carolina’s for several more months because there is so much flooding which has ruined thousands of homes.

They both signed-up to help through the Madison Baptist Association, but they had different jobs.

“Our job was to set up and feed people out of our feeding vehicle. The first day that we we’re fully ready to go, we fed 2,500 people. The next day was 6,000 people and the last day was 10,000,” said Jim Dunn.

“We wash their clothes and try to give them a hot bath where it helps them feel better. On the last night we did about 25 loads of laundry and 50 something showers,” said Eddie Landers.

Jim and Eddie can’t stop thinking about the devastation they saw and the people who now have nothing.

“It’s heart breaking. It breaks your heart to see everything people own piled on the side of the road. They basically just start over again,” said Eddie Landers.

Although some volunteers are already in the Carolina’s and plans are being made for their return, the Red Cross and other local organizations are looking to send more volunteers because it’s going to take a long time before the recovery efforts are done.

“Even though the hurricane came and gone, the devastation continues. The water has not receded in a lot of the places, so some of the families haven’t had the opportunity to even go back to their homes. They’re still staying in shelters,” said Red Cross employee Shirley Crutcher.

A team of volunteers from the North Alabama Red Cross are planning to return back home this Saturday, September 29th, but every organization offering assistance has shifts where more volunteers leave as others get back.

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