Police say caller offering ‘home repairs’ is a scam

Phone scam resurfaces

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two numbers police say were ‘scammers' back in March are back at it again.

WAFF 48 News learned several people got a call from a local number that offers home repairs, despite not having any damage. Police say the callers are just after your money.

“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
Emily Long, Decatur Police Department

Alan Hamby got three calls last week from a number he didn’t know. ""In my case, I’m a disabled vet with limited income. It’s not only a scary thing, but a horribly bad thing that’s quickly acted upon," he said.

They say the numbers are either 256-305-4521 or 256-729-9679. WAFF 48 tried calling these numbers, but got a busy signal.

Decatur Police advise if you see a number you don’t know and are suspicious to google it.

“See if someone else has received the same information you’re getting, and more than likely you’ll see an article from a news agency that it’s a scam," said Emily Long with the Decatur Police Department.

“You don’t get your money back from a scam like that. You’re still left with your storm damage or your issue, but you’re out of your money you could’ve tried to use to possibly fix the issue," said Hamby.

“Never give your personal information out over the phone. Now, if they’re asking for your financial information...don’t give that either. And if you’re feeling really uncomfortable...hang up," said Long.

Police say even if you don’t fall for the scam to give them a call and let them know the number. You can also call the Better Business Bureau so they are on alert.

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