Alabama wins over Texas A&M in Tuscaloosa

Alabama wins over Texas A&M

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WAFF) - It’s one thing to watch it in spring and fall camp, it’s another thing to see it on TV.

It’s a different animal all together seeing it live for the first time at field level. This Alabama offense is ridiculous. All levels, all areas of the field can be attacked. Bama racked up 524 yards today and 45 points in the win over Texas A&M.

Ten of Alabama’s scoring drives have ended in less than a minute. Three of those happened on Saturday.

“Anybody on offense, we know when they get the ball in their hands, anybody on the field can make an explosive play, I think that makes our confidence go up, because nobody thinks they have to carry the load of this offense, there’s a million guys on this offense that can have a 70 of 80 yard touchdown at any given moment, that gives us all the confidence in the world, we’re confident in the play calling, so that’s where our confidence comes from.” said Damien Harris.

Still, players understand that there’s still eight games to play this season, and even Nick Saban asked to give him some decent material to show the flaws of his entire team.

“I would appreciate it if you would look at some of things that we didn’t do so well, and write about that, so maybe I can show it to the players, and say, look here man, here’s something that you can do better.” said Saban.

Loss in this offense and what the production from that unit is the guy making those calls in offensive coordinator Mike Locksley. His unit has scored at least 45 points a game, and have racked up at least 500 yards in each game this season.

From field level, this group hasn’t even scratched the surface of their potential.

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