Prescription for wiping out debt

Huntsville family claims they paid off home in 6 years
More than two dozen libraries in Illinois will get grant this Fall.  (Source:
More than two dozen libraries in Illinois will get grant this Fall. (Source:
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We all love to find a good sale or a bargain. Yet what if you could save more than one hundred thousand dollars on something? Michael and Beth Rosenblum have already accomplished something many people will never do.

The Rosenblums say they paid off the 30-year mortgage on their Huntsville home in 6.5 years. Beth Rosenblum admits she didn’t think it was possible when her husband said he wanted to try a new financial approach.

Michael and Beth Rosenblum say they paid off their home in 6 1/2 years
Michael and Beth Rosenblum say they paid off their home in 6 1/2 years

“Well, it sounds too good to be true. Because he came home and told me about this and I was like, there’s no way,” she said.

Yet for the Rosenblums there was a way. Three years after paying off their first home, they say they’re on track to pay off a second, larger home in five more years. So how did they do it? The Rosenblums say their prescription for financial freedom was something called the PILL Method.

Michael Rosenblum said, “The PILL method was the only program out there that focused on interest cancellation. And so, any other program will tell you how to get out of debt but it completely ignored the interest cost when you’re paying those debts.”

Don Daniel, who created the PILL Method, says most people don’t understand the true cost of any loan or credit card. Daniel says that’s where his PILL Method can make a difference.

“So, if I have a $200,000 mortgage at 3 percent over 30 years, the bank wants me to pay back in excess of $101,000 over 30 years. That’s about 51 percent of what I borrowed. At 4 percent, it’s 71 percent, at 5 percent, it’s 93 percent, at 6 percent it’s 115.83 percent of the total borrowed," Daniel said.

The Rosenblums claim they eliminated nearly $106,000 in interest cost on their home’s first mortgage by using the PILL Method software. It shows them when to make a payment, how much to pay and when they’ll be debt free. So how much does it software cost? Daniel says, the price is based on how much debt a customer is trying to eliminate.

Pill Method Action Plan
Pill Method Action Plan

Syndicated financial expert Dave Ramsey claims there is no magic pill that will slash what you owe. Ramsey is vocal about his opposition to services that promise to be your financial GPS.


When asked about these kinds of programs on his call-in show, Ramsey said, “Oh, pay off your house in 8 years with no change in lifestyle, which is a total lie. Because you have to change your lifestyle. If you make $4,000 a month, and you want to put a thousand dollars on your house debt, to pay off your house faster, you have to live on three thousand.”

Financial counselors at Redstone Federal Credit Union offer free programs that help their customers slash debt. They say one of the most effective strategies is the snow ball method. Financial Education Counselor Briana Cousins explained it this way: “You apply the minimum to all of them except for the top one, which is your least amount. You get that one paid off, and without changing the entire amount you’ve allocated, you take that amount and add it to the next one.”

Cousins says the avalanche method can also create positive momentum. That’s where, you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate and then work your way down.


If you’re really struggling to reduce your debts, Cousins urges you to call your credit card companies. Not all, but some of them will negotiate how much you owe, your interest rate and set up a more manageable payment plan.

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