Patriot’s Memorial Park still under construction after nearly 4 years

Patriot’s Memorial Park still under construction after nearly 4 years

FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - A proposed park in Fort Payne, dedicated to veterans, is now starting to come together.

Much of the base is now complete but money is the only obstacle to getting it done. Officials say much of the ground work has been done and they say they hope the public sees what’s out here now and that will encourage them to donate so they can get this project finished.

November 2014 was groundbreaking for the Patriot’s Memorial Park in Fort Payne. There wasn’t anything done for some time. But nearly four years later it’s really starting to look like a park. Fencing is up, flag poles are up, and even the concrete pads and walkways have just been completed.

So far, approximately $140,000 has been spent on the project that’s still not complete.

Officials say brick pavers will go in the walkway leading to the center of the park. That’s where they plan to put approximately seven large granite monuments to veterans of previous wars as well as police and fire. They’re looking to sell 1,500 pavers but so far they’ve only sold about two hundred.

“Our fundraising efforts have picked up but, like I said, we’ve got to basically raise double what we already have raised to this point in order to get the granite. The granite, it’s the most expensive part of the project and it was at a point where that’s what we had to do last,” said park board chairman Tyler Wilks.

Wilks says they hope to have the pavers in place by the end of the year.

You can purchase a $100 or $200 paver at the county revenue office or the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Fort Payne.

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