Board to be formed to determine future of Paint Rock School

Board to be formed to determine future of Paint Rock School

PRINCRTON, AL (WAFF) - What will happen with Paint Rock School?

That’s the question some people are asking in Jackson County now that the school has closed. A committee is now being formed to determine its future. Some members of the community would like to see the school have a new purpose. But what and how much are some big questions.

The future of the Paint Rock School building is in limbo for now. The Jackson County Commission on Monday decided to set up a five member historical preservation board to look into the school’s future.

Commissioner Tim Guffey says the purpose of the board is to determine the costs the community would incur by taking it over. Guffey says they’re told the community would like to use the gymnasium, the library, and the ballpark.

Guffey says neither the County Commission nor the school board is able to assist with funding. With that in mind, Guffey says they’ve got some hard questions to answer in deciding to keep it. One concern is just making the power bill.

“Not to mention the liability insurance has to be carried and if you keep ball fields and the gymnasium you, somebody is going to have to carry liability insurance because of the lawsuit chance.,” said Guffey.

Guffey hopes names will be submitted to the Commission in the coming weeks and the board will be chosen right after the November general election.

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