‘GloWorms’ light up Franklin County cavern

‘GloWorms’ light up Franklin County cavern
Source: Dismals Canyon (Source: Dismals Canyon)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Tennessee Valley is home to critters that will bring a little light to your evening.

Dismals Canyon in Franklin County is home to a thousands of bio-luminescent insects called Dismalites.

Visitors can take tours of the canyon day or night, but the insects can only be seen after sunset.

Canyon biologist Britney Slappie said she brings hundreds of people through the Department of Interior’s National Natural Landmark any given Saturday .

“We have more people from different places in the world than we do from locally here in Franklin County,” she said.

A 1.5 mile tour gives visitors a view of waterfalls, giant boulders, ancient trees and of course the Dismalites.

Guests looking to stay longer can book campsites, cabins, massages, and enjoy the springs found next to the cavern.

“It’s amazing, the owners say it has healing powers. You can come see for yourself,” Slappie said.

Slappie said media coverage of the canyon has quadrupled business in recent years, so interested visitors should schedule stays well in advance.

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