Construction moving forward on ballpark for Rocket City Trash Pandas

Work on the new $46 million venue is on track with the projected budget and timeline
Hoar Construction will build the new ballpark and multi-use venue
Hoar Construction will build the new ballpark and multi-use venue(Source: WAFF)
Updated: Sep. 18, 2018 at 6:34 PM CDT
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MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Construction is full speed ahead on the new ballpark in Madison!

In a special called meeting on Tuesday, the Madison city council chose a construction company to build the stadium.

Officials say things are on track to play ball in 2020.

Madison awarded the base bid for construction and it came in at the number the city thought it would, keeping things in budget. It's the last piece of the puzzle that, along with soft costs, brings the ballpark to a $46 million venue.

A $38.8 million dollar construction bid went to Hoar Construction, LLC to build the ballpark for the Rocket City Trash Pandas. When you add in additional costs for architects and construction managers, it brings things to the $46 million dollar mark. which is right on track with projected costs.

"We awarded the base bid to meet the criteria that we talked about for our citizens in keeping this at $46 million. What we'll be able to do now is start the process on Thursday in working with Hoar, the folks who won the bid, and being able to work with Ballcorps to see if there's anything we want to add in and that we both agree on what we want to take out so it's a great start to seeing this venue pop up out of the ground," explained Madison Mayor Paul Finley.

"All we're doing is awarding the base bid contract which is the bare minimum stadium. We still have the ability to execute the options. We have change orders and stuff outside the construction contract we will still be working but this point, this allows us to keep on schedule so we don't slow down the construction and it also keeps us in the budget. We're still below taking the construction contract which is just shy of $39 million plus the soft costs. We're still below the $46 million," added City Council President Tommy Overcash.

The whole project continues to generate lots of buzz.

“I think we’re getting where we need to be, everything from the groundbreaking success, the participation in the name the team contest. We’re excited about being able to see the mascot, the logo, the team. There’s just been worldwide interest in merchandise already,” Overcash stated.

What the venue will look like.
What the venue will look like.(Source: BallCorps)

“Minor league baseball coming to this area has everyone excited. And what can’t be forgotten is that it’s a multi-use venue. There’s so many activites that are going to happen there, from band and awards banquets for high schools to car shows and soccer. There’s so much activity that we’re going to see and then there’s the Margaritaville Hotel that’s coming and will be sitting in that outfield. It’s an exciting day for us and we’re really happy to get to this point,” Mayor Finley added.

The City of Madison is also working to amend the license agreement with BallCorps now that they’re going with Rocket City in the team name instead of Madison. In turn, Madison will pay less in utilities. They will go from a 60/40 split to a 75/25 split with BallCorps.

“It’s a good win-win for both of us. They get the overall product that we feel like will sell more merchandise and get more involvement within the community and we get to pay less in utilities,” Mayor Finley said.

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