Huntsville City Schools passes 2019 school budget

Huntsville City Schools passes 2019 school budget

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - After a nearly five-hour meeting Thursday, the Huntsville city school board finally agreed on and passed a budget for the next school year.

Superintendent Christie Finley said they aren’t working with a deficit budget right now and all their spending finances will be up to date for the following year.

Every year, the state requires a certain amount of savings set aside. Right now, Finley said Huntsville schools are $3 million short of that required savings.

However, she says this won’t affect the 2019 fiscal budget or its actual spending.

“We don’t want anyone to be in fear of losing their job. What we want them to do is make sure they’re coming to work everyday, doing what’s right for the kids,” Finley said.

Other board members did voice their concerns about faculty losing jobs, but this budget is supposed to be secure for those working at the schools now.

“At the end of the day, even the central office people, we don’t want to instill fear in anyone. In fact, we’re trying to reframe and refocus where our next steps are by sharing our strategic plan tonight,” Finley said.

She also said they have budgeted already and have cut down on things. One of Finley’s biggest concerns is working with PESG and making sure employees are getting paid and receiving the proper treatment they deserve.

The budget will be presented to the state superintendent next week.

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