’Hang in there’: Woman says boss placed lynching image on her desk

’Hang in there’: Woman says boss placed lynching image on her desk
Latara Darrett says her boss gave her one image while others received cat photos. She was terminated after telling human resources. (Source: KTNV/CNN)

LAS VEGAS (KTNV/CNN) - A Las Vegas woman is demanding an apology from her former employer after she says her boss put a racially insensitive picture on her desk.

'Hang in there': Woman says boss placed lynching image on her desk

Former Olympic gold medal winner and now retired professional basketball player Latara Darrett says she worked for a while at a Hilton Grand Vacations call center.

That was until recently.

"I have all these emotions, I am just a mess," Darrett said.

Darrett said while working the phones in June, her boss placed an image of a man hanging by a rope telling her to "hang in there."

"We all know what it represents, we are all grown," Darrett said. "And this picture is devastating for me not only just for what it represents for my people. I have a friend who killed herself this way by hanging herself."

Darrett said at least one other African-American co-worker received the image.

Others got a cat picture.

Darrett said it was an apparent attempt to boost morale and sales on her team.

Horrified by the image she got, she went to human resources and she was given two options, speak to her boss about the image or change teams at work.

"I feel like they really don't care about the situation," she said. "They don't understand how this hurts or how powerful this is."

Shortly after, she contacted her attorney, who tried to get her an apology.

She also wanted Hilton to change its policies and require managers and supervisors to attend cultural sensitivity training.

"This is something that should never happen," said Brenda DeRouen, Darrett’s attorney. "They should never happen to any employee anywhere in America."

DeRouen said things went from bad to worse.

According to a health assessment, Darrett developed PTSD from the situation and missed work.

DeRouen was fired on July 18, the company citing attendance policy violations.

Hilton confirms Darrett was terminated and says it is investigating.

She is considering taking legal action.

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