Teachers learn about Lake Guntersville ecosystem

Teachers learn about Lake Guntersville ecosystem

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two dozen teachers are getting some hands on experience with TVA officials learning the ecosystem at Lake Guntersville. It’s something these teachers can bring back to the classroom.

The program is limited to twenty-four teachers and these twenty-four teachers will get a learning experience they’ve never had before. “It’s just important for the students, even in 7th grade, for mine to be able to look at a body of water and know that there’s more than just largemouth bass out there,” says Laruie Biddle, Douglas 7th grade teacher.

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So Laruie Biddle is joining nearly two dozen other science based teachers from all across the southeast on a two day mission to learn about the ecosystem around Lake Guntersville.TVA is putting on their annual Plant Camp. Plants were the topic on Wednesday but on Thursday it’s all about fish, some common and some not so common.

TVA officials say this area brings a wealth of science information."The Tennessee Valley is about three times more diverse than all of Europe. Many of them were unaware of that but they’ve seen a lot of different species that we have right here," says TVA Aquatic Management Program Manager Brett Hardis.

And for teachers like Ms. Biddle, bringing this information back to her students has much more value."It’s great when you can say there’s a tropical rain forest over in the Amazon basin but how many of mine are ever going to go over there? I need to let them know what’s going on here in Guntersville with our species and the diversity," says Biddle.

The day will conclude for these teachers as they go to a cave to study bats. Hardis says the teachers who didn’t make it this year will be put on a list for next year.

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