Morgan County complex welcoming horses evacuating from hurricane-threatened Carolinas

Morgan County complex welcoming horses evacuating from hurricane-threatened Carolinas

PRICEVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A multipurpose horse facility in Morgan County is giving temporary shelter to a special group of evacuees from the Carolinas. Those who care for these special equine are finding Priceville just fine. So far, three people and ten horses have arrived but more are expected.

Curtis Thompson is happy to have his three show horses in Priceville where they’re safe. He evacuated with them from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to avoid Hurricane Florence. He and others have evacuated to the Celebration Arena.

Thompson received many offers from different states but says he’s set to participate at a show there next week so it just made sense. The facility has opened it’s doors to fellow show participants and others if they have the space. Thompson is here a week in advance and can function living in his trailer.

But he can only sit, wait, and be concerned with everything else important back home. “Course my home because I’m not there to do anything about it. Of course, we can’t do anything about it anyway until it’s over but we work hard to have stuff like that and then to lose it. I’m more worried about my family that did stay because if they did have an issue there’s nothing they could do but seek different shelter concerns me so the health of my family is first and foremost,” says Thompson.

The people and the horses are expected to stay at least through next weekend. The Racking Horse World Celebration event kicks off at Celebration Arena in Priceville on Sept. 21.

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