Marshall County Commission rejects plan for possibly raising entry-level pay

Marshall County Commission rejects plan for possibly raising entry-level pay

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Marshall County Commission failed to take action to approve a pay study that could increase entry-level pays for county employees.

County officials use these studies as a guide to paying employees.

Current Sheriff Scott Walls has argued entry-level employees should be paid more and the incoming sheriff feels the same. But it appears there won’t be any pay changes anytime soon.

Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson sought a new pay study be done to include all entry level positions at the request of the personnel board.

After a motion was made by Commissioner Jesse Swords, the issue died when no other commissioner seconded that motion.

“The whole purpose of the discussion was to find ideas and ways to increase entry level pays and positions here at the county,” said incoming Sheriff Phil Sims.

Sims attended Wednesday’s Commission meeting. Sims feels increasing pay for entry-level jobs, particularly in the sheriff’s office, is important.

“We need to be competitive with our local departments and our areas and so forth to retain employees. It all goes back to that,” said Sims.

If there was a bright spot in the meeting, it will be for current employees when commissioners did approve a new budget.

“Which has an increase of four percent merit raise automatically built into it for county employees, including the sheriff’s office employees, which is a good thing,” said Sims.

Despite the lack of a pay study or increases in entry-level pay, Sims remains optimistic.

“Appreciate the County Commission, the personnel board looking at this, addressing this problem, looking to find solutions to it, and I think in the long run we’ll find solutions to get those entry-level pays up,” said Sims.

Sims takes office in January.

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