Fyffe man confesses to damaging businesses in Rainsville

Police say he falsely claimed he was assaulted

Fyffe man confesses to damaging businesses in Rainsville

RAINSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Rainsville police say a Fyffe man tried to pull a fast one on them over the weekend.

At first, he said he was assaulted, but after further investigation, police determined he is responsible for damage at two businesses on Highway 35.

Police arrested 23-year-old Dakota Baine on two charges Wednesday. He is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and falsely reporting to law enforcement. The second charge stems from a story Baine gave to police about an accident Saturday morning.

Investigator Todd Bowen says after further conversations with Baine, they determined he wasn't assaulted.

"Mr. Baine contacted Rainsville Police Department stating that he was assaulted in Shiloh. And pulled from his car and that someone had stolen his car," said Bowen.

Instead, police say he is responsible for damaging several fences, a building, and a mini van at two businesses off Highway 35.

Police say he then ran from the scene of the accident and received treatment for his injuries at a hospital in Scottsboro instead of Fort Payne, which was closer.

Police believe that was part of a plan to avoid being caught. However, surveillance footage helped police identify Baine, despite giving them the slip and a bogus story.

He finally confessed.

"He admitted that he made that story up and that he indeed had left Walmart and was driving the car and he wrecked, but he gave no detail as to what happened," added Bowen.

On Wednesday afternoon, Baine posted a $1,000 bond.

Investigators have not determined if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident but are reviewing medical records from the hospital to make that determination.

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