BallCorps: Trash Pandas paperwork in order

BallCorps: Trash Pandas paperwork in order

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - On Tuesday, WAFF 48 News met with BallCorps President Roger Wexelberg about an issue raised at Monday’s Madison City Council meeting.

Addressing public concern

BallCorps recently announced the team name Rocket City Trash Pandas.

Attorney Greg Revera spoke at the Madison City Council meeting Monday and raised his concern about the name’s association with Rocket Raccoon. Rocket is a movie character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe refereed to as Trash Panda as an insult in a recent film.

The baseball team used Rocket’s likeness in a Facebook post promoting the name.

Revera raised concerns that Madison could be held liable if Marvel’s parent company, Disney, pursues litigation over the name.

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Wexelberg said any connection to Rocket was not intentional and the to-be-announced mascot will not reflect the character.

“From the beginning, it was not going to be Rocket though. We decided that,” he said.

He said he understand Revera’s concern, but the company has its paperwork in order.

"He's trying to make some good points to protect his city, but we have dotted our I's and crossed our T's on the trademark searches," Wexelberg said.

Wexelberg said BallCorps went to Minor League Baseball’s lawyers with the 10 different name finalists the public had selected, including Trash Pandas.

He said the company owns the rights to the name, making it prepared in the event of litigation.

Madison City Council's next moves

Both Wexelberg and Madison Mayor Paul Finley said the Madison City Council needs to approve the team name.

District 7 Councilman John Seifert was not available for an interview, but spoke with WAFF 48 News over the phone.

He said the association between Rocket Raccoon and the Rocket City Trash Pandas was on the Council’s radar. However, Seifert said he is inclined to support the team name for marketing purposes.

He said the team would raise revenue for the city and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

Finley declined an opportunity to interview Tuesday, and other members of the City Council did not return a request for comment.

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