Local Huntsville Mother Trains for Spartan Race to Cope with Son’s Death

Local Huntsville Mother Trains for Spartan Race to Cope with Son’s Death

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Earlier last week we sat down with a local mother in Huntsville who is training for the Spartan Race in September. For her this is so much more than just a race. Julia Khodabandeh is competing in honor of her son who recently passed away from an overdose.

Local Huntsville Mother Competes in Spartan Race to Cope with Son's Death

“In high school there’s a lot peer pressure. There’s a lot of use that goes on from having fun and partying. But unfortunately, I think for some, just dabbling in it can be a slippery slope. So our son was one of those. Again, not understanding it at the time. We knew what we were dealing with and I’m sure some of his friends knew what he was doing. But for the most part, we kind of kept it in the family," said Khodabandeh.

"People don’t talk about it because there’s a stigma with it. So we confronted him and found out he was using again. But it was no big deal, he was having fun. You know he apologized, said he would stop. Wouldn’t need treatment. And we didn’t understand at the time, much about addiction. So we were working together, going to get him back in counseling. And it was not long after that he passed away from a drug over dose with pills. So, it’s been a really hard year for us. It was interesting because at first, I think we were numb. And maybe in shock. And it actually started to get worse as time went by. That’s where you know the things I had done before, running, or participating in certain activities, wasn’t quite cutting it. I was looking for something different, something exciting, something exhausting.” said Khodabandeh.

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