Shoals woman warns of secret shopper scam

Shoals woman warns of secret shopper scam
(Source: WAFF)

CHEROKEE, AL (WAFF) - Scammers continue to try to get in your wallet. One growing scam involves sending you a fake check to be a secret shopper. Just this week, a woman in Cherokee almost fell victim to this trick.

Shoals woman warns of secret shopper scam

Shannon Adams said she received a check in the mail for almost $3,000. She said the scammer asked her to deposit the funds in her personal bank account. Once that was done, he wanted her to test the quality of the “in-store service” at the U.S Postal Service. She was asked to get three $800 money orders with receipts and had instructions to send them to an address.

Adams caught on to this fakery quickly, knowing if she deposited the fake check she would be responsible to pay back the funds and could have possibly caused her legal trouble.

“It might be your loved one, your grandma, or someone that might be needing cash. Sending someone a scam $2,900 check that looks legit is not OK,” said Adams.

The Better Business Bureau states if anyone receives a scam like this one in your mail, you’re asked to file a complaint online at the Federal Trade Commission.

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