FDA warns veterinarians about opioid abuse by pet owners

FDA warns veterinarians about opioid abuse by pet owners
(Source: Pixabay)

(WAFF) - The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is warning people about an unexpected way some people might get access to opioid medications – through animals.

The FDA wants veterinarians to be aware of the potential for humans to misuse the opioid products that are prescribed to animal patients.

The only type of opioid approved for use in animals is Recuvyra, a fentanyl product.

The FDA reminds veterinarians of the importance of following all state and federal regulations when it comes to prescribing opioids for animals, but also recommends prescribing an alternative to opioids whenever it is appropriate.

Steps are also being taken to help veterinarians spot the signs of opioid abuse. The FDA has provided a resource guide for them in the wake of the opioid crisis. That guide is available on the FDA’s website.

Veterinarians are required to be licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency in order to prescribe opioids to animal patients, just like doctors are required to be licensed when prescribing to human patients.

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