TVA Lake Info App can help fishermen’s success during summer

TVA Lake Info App can help fishermen’s success during summer
The TVA Lake Info App gives information on local waters.

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Are you heading out to the water this weekend for a fishing trip? The Tennessee Valley Authority Lake Info App is a great tool for your tackle box.

TVA Lake Info App can help fishermen’s success during summer

It’s free and can be found right on your smartphone.

Professional bass fisherman Chris Lane has been fishing Lake Guntersville since moving here 12 years ago.

He said the TVA lake info app has a wealth of data regarding the water that can help you better plan your next fishing trip.

“With all of the TVA waters it gives you lake levels, it gives you what you know they’re projecting for the year, of what they’re going to keep the lake levelsat, and it allows you to understand the current and the current flows and how much they’re going to be releasing out of the dams,” said Lane.

Lane said understanding the current flows is vital information with the heat that challenge fisherman during these dog days of summer.

“When they’re pulling that water is going to turn the colder water up, so the fish will have a tendency to bite a lot better. So you can kind of plan your fishing day a lot better,” added Lane.

Scott Fiedler with the Tennessee Valley Authority said the app is updated every hour to give you the latest information.

It first launched in 2015, but a complete refresh was done in April with important features like location services and more.

“Pulls up what lakes are within 50 miles of your location. We’ve also integrated recreation maps, so if you needed to find the nearest boat ramp. You can get right to it,” said Fiedler.

“We’ve also added a feature with our aquatic plant management guide where you can identify the aquatic plants and what fish really like those plants,” added Fiedler.

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