Huntsville High Panthers season in preview

"Our goal is to win a region championship, number two get into those playoffs”.

PRESEASON PREVIEW: Huntsville Panthers

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) -Another day, another 48 preseason High School Preview. We touchdown in Panthers country.

Huntsville High School made big moves last season, hiring Mark Fleetwood. No one expected the Panthers to make the playoffs, besides the Panthers. That's what happened for Huntsville in a rough and rugged Class 7A Region Four last season, the Panthers found a way to make the playoff field.

“Our expectations are to rise, and we ought to raise the bar a little bit, each year and each game, each season as we build into this. So, as you come into the season, we've got a new region, new opponents, there's going be new challenges during the season. Our goal is to win a region championship, number two get into those playoffs,” Mark Fleetwood, Huntsville High Head Coach.

(Source: WAFF Staff)

A heck of a turnaround for the Panthers in Mark Fleetwoods’ first season. Playoff bound for the first time since 2013. Six wins for the program also, the most since the 2013 season.

Can the Panthers get back to the postseason? The journey starts August 23 a Thursday night game against Decatur in a non-region Game.

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