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Cost of cigarettes on the way up

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The price for a pack of smokes is about to go up.  Federal taxes on cigarettes will be increasing next month.

Smokers are stocking up before the price hike.

We are talking about paying an extra $9.00 for a carton and as much as 90 cents more for a pack of cigarettes.

Billie Kramer drives from Tennessee to Hazel Green Discount Tobacco to buy 2 cartons of Misty's and 2 carton's of Camels.

The price she pays is $119.17.

Kramer says it's cheaper to go there to buy cigarettes, but that's about to change.

'Lot of people won't be able to afford it, especially if you buy it by the packs,' said customer Billie Kramer.

Federal taxes on cigarette packs and cartons are going up in April.

A lot of smokers are stockpiling and buying in bulk in anticipation of paying more.

Mohammad Alyosuef is owner of Hazel Green Discount Tobacco.  He says some companies have already hiked their prices.

'Marlboro products like Philip Morris already raised last week. 90 cent last nice. Took affect on federal tax $7.10 already plus 90 cents for their pocket. We are talking $8.00 Phillip Morris already starting today,' said Alyosuef.

Alyosuef says the federal tax hike on cigarettes is too much for smokers to pay.

The economy has already caused a slowdown in business and this could do him in.

'It kills us, that's what I've been thinking about. Finding another kind of business people cannot afford this much tax on cigarette,' says Alyosuef.

Most stores will sale the stock of cigarettes they already have for the cost listed.

Will have to raise prices at the first of April.

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