Residents Want County Sewer Rates Regulated

Residents Want County Sewer Rates Regulated

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - With no sewer system in place in East Lauderdale County, Kay Pettus says some type of oversight is needed to protect residents from private company rates.

"Any private company that should put in a sewer system if they are awarded a permit would have control over the rates in the county, not a municipality, but that private company," she said.

Last year one private company, Alabama Utility Services, attempted to make that happen.

"Like the Blue Water Creek issue," Pettus said.  "There was there is no control outside what the company decides. The issue is coming back again."

Tuesday residents revisited their commissioners, hoping to urge them for support in taking this matter to Montgomery.

While Lauderdale County residents say the need for private sector sewage regulation is growing, the county commission says they have a lot of questions that need to be answered before any more steps are taken.

"It's very broad and very complex," Probate Judge Dewey Mitchell said.  Mitchell is also in charge of the County Commission.

"[It] hits on points that we have never exposed and don't have the knowledge and expertise. If it were to pass, ultimately what would be the funding associated and the funding mechanism to do it?"

For other officials, the need is the greatest concern.

"We need to have some level of control of what happens out here on our roads and waterways," Commissioner D.C. Thornton said.

The commission plans to vote Monday on a resolution of request to Montgomery asking for them to draft a bill for future discussion by the commission.