Kids to Love Introduces Quintisheyia

Quintisheyia is 12-years-old and in the 6th grade.

"My favorite subject is science 'cause you get to do a lot of science activities and work on a lot of things," Quintisheyia says.

She loves the hands on science exhibits at the McWane center in Birmingham.

"I like to sing and I like to read and to do hair," she says.

Quintisheyia has been in foster care for 5 years. She has been in 5 foster homes and 5 schools.

She has learned early kids can be cruel.

"Just letting other kids know that we are in foster care, like, if you get into an argument with them the first thing they are going to say is at least they have a mother, at least they have a father, things like that," she says.

Quintisheyia would love to have a mother, a father, and a home for her and her younger brother Derian.

"A family who loves and cares for us, who doesn't buy us everything we want, but just tries to make a way to buy the things we need first, and then tries to buy the things, some of the things that we want," Quintisheyia says.