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Neighbors concerned over loud boom

By Elizabeth Gentle - Bio | Email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Weather conditions play a pivotal role in how loud explosive blasts are coming from Redstone Arsenal.

Many of you called WAFF-48, concerned about the noise.

Crews on the Arsenal have been testing for several weeks.

If you live in South Huntsville, you've probably heard it.

A loud noise that shakes the ground.

"It varies some days. It's like a rumble other days its like a deep boom," said Alice Eyler of Huntsville.

Alice Eyler and her neighbor live just a short walk to Redstone Arsenal.

"We normally hear some sounds from there. A lot of times it's like when they check the engines it's a different kind of roar," said Eyler.

The Army is destroying old missile warheads.

Redstone Arsenal Spokesman Dan O'Boyle says the weather intensifies the sound of the blast.

'The atmospheric conditions affect the waves propogated and the sounds eminated off the arsenal. Unfortunately that's the function of our testing schedule,' says O'Boyle.

The arsenal often uses explosives as part of training.

They try to be a good neighbor, but the work is important.

"Our primary focus is on supporting the war fight and we have to test these systems to make sure they work," said O'Boyle.

Neighbors say they understand the arsenal's work, but worry what affects the testing has on their property.

"We do check our home to look for structural damage and we do have cracks in our bricks it's not anything major," said Eyler.

Testing on that particular missile finished Tuesday.

The arsenal plans more explosive blasts later.

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