Fake Cop

Everything is fast paced these days...including the traffic, but slow traffic caught up with a Hartselle man on Monday.

"We received a call about someone possibly impersonating a police officer. Someone reported to 9-1-1 that someone tried to stop them using blue lights and when they pulled over this vehicle continued on and they realized it wasn't a police vehicle,"Priceville Police Sgt. Ron DeWeese.

This ordeal began along highway 67 in Priceville; As a matter of fact, those blue lights came on when the victim approached New Center Road.

"The person that had the blue lights didn't stop and went past the victim and they in turn called 911 to report the incident. They followed the suspect down Shoal Creek Road, where it pulled into a residence,and Corporal Williams arrived shortly later and talked with the owner of the vehicle and discovered it did indeed have red and blue lights on the vehicle", adds DeWeese.

Christopher Glenn Gerstman was arrested and charged with impersonating a peace officer, which is a class c felony.