Shoals neighborhood wants to be annexed

Shoals neighborhood wants to be annexed

By Josh Ault - Bio | Email
Posted by Dana Franks - email

LEIGHIGH, AL (WAFF) - People who live in one Shoals neighborhood want to be annexed into a nearby city.  They have been discussing it for years, but it was not until recently they voted to make it a reality.

Residents voted on Tuesday.  Residents say after another subdivision near by was annexed, they thought it was a good time to join in.

Leighigh Acres is just west of Muscle Shoals, off highway 20 headed to Leighton.  The subdivision has more than 70 homes and lots.  Residents have talked for years about annexing into Muscle Shoals.

"A couple of summers ago one of our neighbors came down and was telling us about being annexed," said Leighigh Acres resident Barbara Martin

It was not until a new subdivision being built next door was annexed a few months ago that residents started to act. They think there are many incentives to becoming part of Muscle Shoals.

"One thing was the advantage of the schools," Martin said. "People with children wouldn't have to pay a large amount."

Right now residents with school age children have to pay $500 for a child to attend Muscle Shoals schools.  That fee will disappear with the annexation.

"They tell us, I hope it's true, that our insurance will go down," said Martin.

The neighborhood will also be protected by Muscle Shoals Fire and Police Departments, which should decrease their homeowners insurance.

Residents said there are a lot of positives with this annex, but there are some downsides.

"I hope our property tax will not go up," Martin said.

That's a possibility, but Martin said even with the potential tax increase, there are more positives than negatives.

The residents voted 71 to 4 for the annexation.  It will now be up to the Department of Justice to approve the vote.